Thursday, July 25, 2024

Introducing The Mexico City Spanish Blog

RSS FeedMexico City Spanish is proud to announce a new Blog feature on our website where we'll post school announcements,  as well as activities and tips for studying Spanish in Mexico City.  Newsletter subscribers will receive regular updates (not too often, of course) via email. 

In addition to receiving updates by email, you can also follow the blog with your favorite newsreader by subscribing to the RSS Feed for free. 

What Will The Blog Offer?

Our goal with the blog is to provide you with useful and interesting information for living and learning Spanish in Mexico City, whether you're a student visiting for a short time, or a more permanent resident of Mexico City.

How Can I Participate?

See a post that interests you, or have something to add?  Post your comments on the blog post so that all can benefit!  Our goal is to provide an online community where our short-term and long-term students can connect, share and contribute.  If you have an idea for a post or something that you would like to contribute for all to share, send us an email!

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