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Celebrating Las Posadas in Mexico City

Celebrating Las Posadas in Mexico City

A unique Mexican Christmas custom is Las Posadas (The Inns) celebrated the 9 days prior to Christmas, December 16th through the 24th. Las Posadas is celebrated to remember the struggles of Mary and Joseph as they tried to find lodging in Bethlehem.  The 9 nights of the celebration signify the nine days they Mary and Joseph traveled to reach Bethlehem from Jerusalem.

Traditionally, friends, family or neighbors will gather at the house of a different host each of the 9 nights to sing hymns and eat tamales with hot drinks, such as atole or ponche. The highlight of the evening is the singing of the traditional Posadas hymn, sung in a call and response fashion, where the hosts, acting as the innkeepers, sing from within the closed door of their house, and the guests stand outside the room and sing the verses of Joseph and Mary asking to stay at the inn. At the end of the song, the innkeepers open the doors to give room to Mary and Joseph.

Afterward, snacks and drinks are usually provided, and one or more piñatas are broken by the children and guests.

Las Posadas Fiesta at the Spanish School

Posada PiñataWe always like to treat our students to a Posadas fiesta on the last day of classes prior to the Christmas break. Students make traditional piñatas by decorating clay pots, or canteros, with paint and colored paper.  The pots are then filled with candy and, of course, broken!

We hope you join us for next year's Posadas celebration!


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