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Feliz Dia de Reyes - Let's Eat Cake!

Feliz Dia de Reyes - Let's Eat Cake!

January 6th is Día de Reyes, or Three Kings Day. It is traditional in Mexico for children to receive gifts on the eve of Día de Reyes, as the baby Jesus was presented with the gifts of the Magi. Gift exchange has historically been more common on this holiday than on Christmas, although the external tradition of giving presents on Christmas is slowly creeping in to Mexican culture.

The other major tradition with this holiday is the Rosca de Reyes, a round (or more oval in these days, to better fit on baking sheets or in boxes) cake made of sugared sweet bread and decorated with candied fruits. It is also common to fill them with whipped cream. Friends, family and co-workers gather to share the cake. Each person cuts a slice in turn. Inside each Rosca de Reyes is one or more baby Jesus' made of plastic. The tradition goes, if the slice of cake you cut for yourself contains the baby Jesus, you will be blessed for the year! -- Also, you get stuck with bringing tamales and atole to share with the group on February 2nd, El Día de la Candelaria! Happy eating and good luck!

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