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Common Mexican Expressions and Slang: Good, Bad and Downright Ugly

One of the unique aspects of attending Spanish Immersion school in a Spanish-speaking place like Mexico City is that in addition to learning the technical aspects of the Spanish language, grammar, pronunciation, etc., you will also pick up the common Spanish expressions, slang terms and phrases.

These Mexican expressions and slang phrases, or Mexicanisms, are what make learning and speaking the language interesting.  Just as with English and other languages, these expressions are not to be translated literally, rather they should be taken for their intent.

Our Spanish teachers at Mexico City Spanish have compiled a list of common Mexican Expressions.  Some of these expressions are used outside of Mexico, but all are very common in Mexico and Mexico City. 

The list is separated into three groups: 1) Mexican Expressions that are acceptable for use anywhere, such as in an office, in public, or at home 2) Mexican Expressions and Slang that while they maybe vulgar, they are accepted when speaking among friends, or possibly family (Although saying them to your mother is not recommmended) and 3) Mexican Expressions that are considered vulgar among any type of company; use at your own risk.


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