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What Is the Difference Between Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Courses?

Important: These two levels have different starting dates. Be very sure you have satisfied the below requirements before you enroll in an Intermediate/Advanced courses.

You will be required to take a placement test upon enrolling, and if it is determined that you do not satisfy these requirements, you will not be able to begin class on your desired start date.

How do I know which course I should enroll in?

To make registering for our courses easier, we have set up two different types of classes: Beginner, and Intermediate/Advanced.  Don't worry, we actually have 6 different levels of Spanish courses, and we will get you placed in the right level on your fist day of class.

A student who is eligible to enroll in Intermediate/Advanced level courses must know the following

  • Verb Tenses:
    • presente de indicativo
    • pretérito
    • copreterito (imperfecto de indicativo)
    • futuro
    • pospreterito (potencial simple)
    • antepresente (perfecto de indicativo)
    • antecopreterito (pluscuamperfecto de indicativo)
  • Irregular and Stem-changing verbs in the above tenses
  • Common Vocabulary
  • Correct uses for Ser and Estar
  • Correct uses for Por and Para
  • Ability to hold basic conversation
  • Use of proper pronunciation and proper syllable emphasis

If you are unfamiliar with any of the above terms, please register only with the Beginner Level courses.

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